HUSD Coronavirus/COVID-19 Informational Release

February 26, 2020


Hesperia Unified School District would like to update our parents, students, and staff regarding the worldwide concerns with respect to the Coronavirus aka COVID-19.  The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a press conference on February 25, 2020, to share that the USA is continuing its aggressive containment strategies of detecting, tracking, and isolating all Coronavirus cases.  These strategies have been very successful and reported cases in the USA remain extremely low.  But the CDC did note that COVID-19 cases continue to rise in other countries.  As such, HUSD remains prepared in the event that the Coronavirus becomes a more widespread issue in our immediate area.

As of today, there are still very few cases in the USA and no spread of the virus in our state, county or city.  In addition, the risk of transmission remains very low in the USA. California currently has only 10 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus and there are no confirmed Coronavirus cases in San Bernardino County and/or Hesperia.

HUSD wants to let our community know that we are closely monitoring the worldwide COVID-19 situation and our commitment to a safe school environment remains paramount.  School sites will continue to receive guidance from our HUSD district nurses and student services office while we work closely with government public health and education offices to receive continued direction, guidance, and support as new developments surrounding COVID-19 arise. 

We will continue to refine protocols for our schools and share more information with our stakeholders in the event that COVID-19 becomes a larger issue in our immediate area.

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Hesperia Unified School District