Science fair banner with lightbulb

Congratulations to all of our HUSD 2020 Science Fair participants and winners!

Pre-School/ TK Grade Winners: 3rd Place Brian Guzman “Magnetic or Non-Magnetic” -Mesa Grande 2nd Place- Austin Adcock “Cleaning Rusty Nails”-Joshua Circle 1st Place- Ms. Dais Class “Plants Under the Weather”-Kingston

1st Grade Winners: 3rd Place- Omar Carrasco -Kingston “Reaction of Carrots to Sugar vs Salt” 2nd Place- Allyson Montepeque “Coke and Mentos”-Eucalyptus 1st Place- Martin’s Class “Are You Feeling Blue”-Cypress

2nd Grade Winners: 3rd Place- Maddox LeFevre “Baking Soda and Vinegar”-Kingston 2nd Place- Elijah Miranda “Lemon Battery” -Krystal 1st Place-William Corona “Aqueduct Dangers -Lime Street

3rd Grade Winners: 3rd Place- Isaac Ramirez “How to Jump Farther”-Maple 2nd Place- Aubrey Fialho & Kailey Prudencio -Kingston “Bath Bombs are the Bomb” 1st Place- Grace Beltran “Water Works”-Juniper

4th Grade Winners: 3rd Place- Amber Rae Merrill “Friends Not Food”-Krystal 2nd Place- Valois Guevara “How to Grow Using -Krystal “A Classroom Greenhouse” 1st Place- Elias Mikkelson “A Home for the Homeless”-Krystal

5th Grade Winners: 3rd Place- Liam Ureta “Does Emotion Affect Plants?”-Krystal 2nd Place- Luis Romero “How Does a Hydraulic Lift Work?”-Maple 1st Place- Rose Beltran “Liquid Gold” Juniper *Recognized by Mojave River Watershed Group

6th Grade Winners: 3rd Place- Delilah Pinto “Magnet Phone Charger”-Krystal 2nd Place- Sophia Ciancio “Go Green with Gluesticks”-Krystal 1st Place- Robert Long & Camden Barber-Krystal “Solar Power Water Desalination”